Week Notes 21 #05

Jan 25 – 31, 2021

Just a regular Monday. Eat, Work, Sleep.
The 72nd Republic Day 🇮🇳 also marked the 31st anniversary of my Holy Communion.
Max was disappointed on not catching up the tanks and other military hardware for the Republic Day Parade as he had a similar event at school.
Met up colleagues at a wedding after more than 10 months.
Another regular day at work and home.

I had started a Latin language course on Duolingo. I’m surprised that I managed to get through a week’s streak. 😲
I picked up The Last God for reading and I’m very much impressed by the storytelling.
Since Master was out on Amazon Prime, it became the Friday night movie instead of our game night.
I finished The Last God and wow! What a book!
We went shopping for clothes again for my nephew’s birthday party.
A late night Scrabble game that ended midway because Sophia was about to declare bankruptcy.

After having squandered points to a table-bottomer mid-week, I expected a strong comeback from #ManUtd visiting Arsenal ⚽. While it wasn’t as boring as the Liverpool-Manchester United draw, this was a bit better but again another draw. Though the record of being unbeaten for 18 away matches was nice, the inability to stay on top the table is worrying. 😯
Completed Nemesis Games around midnight.