I liked this lovely collection of stories, some of them particularly frightening.
Since Max wanted some horror stories, I repurposed Dark Carousel, Faun, and In the Tall Grass as bedtime stories for him.
I also watched In the Tall Grass on Netflix after reading the story.
June 7, 2020 โ€“ Started Reading
June 28, 2020 โ€“ Finished Reading
What If… Wonder Woman was the most powerful witch in the universe? Sounds like an Elseworlds topic. But this not-quite-a-crossover within the Justice League Dark’s The Last Age of Magic storyline is a bit off-putting since there was no actual crossover other than a scene in the Hall of Justice where the rest of the Justice League are featured.
May 20, 2020 โ€“ Started Reading and Finished Reading
An interesting start to the Justice League Dark. But the story wanders into an unexpected exposition in the ๐Ÿ“š Wonder Woman & Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour by James Tynion IV midway. So one has to read that one too to make sense of the story.
May 19, 2020 โ€“ Started Reading
May 20, 2020 โ€“ Finished Reading
I’ve been a fan of Randall Munroe for a long time. I believe he is one of the best explainers of science. And How To is an excellent book if you ever want to try out something outrageous like taking your house off the grid.
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