I use Teacup for eat and drink posts. The posts come through from Teacup via micropub as Uncategorised posts without a hitch.
When I update the post from either the Edit Post page or through the Quick Edit option, the micropubbed post title vanishes. This happens for post titles/taxonomies/any edits that don’t touch the response properties section.


I use the undocumented Tags and Featured Image fields in my setup. I notice that the field values are not saved on a post update or publish. The fields are empty after an update or a publish event.
Could some places be marked as Private so that the location is not displayed when importing from Foursquare/Swarm?
It would be nice if Teacup supported posting to a category like OwnYourSwarm or OwnYourGram do. I post eat and drink posts with Teacup. They show up as Uncategorised post in my WP site. I then manually reassign them to a Food category. If Teacup supports a category taxonomy, it would be nice.
Is there a possibility of excluding certain post kinds from the front page? It could be a radio button/checkbox for each kind in the Post Kinds option page. I use Eat/Drink post kinds and I do not want them to be displayed in the front page 😉
Is it possible to build in filters so that I can withhold publishing a certain category or tags? Say I have a food log and I would not want to tell the Fediverse what I had for breakfast or lunch. 🙂 I am thinking of a filter (could be a category/tag/post kind/post format). Anything that matches the filter does not go through to the fediverse.
It would be nice if we could map the post types with the corresponding activity verbs especially when I have the Post Kinds plugin installed.
Say, I read a book and use the read post type, it would be nice if the AS shows me as reading the book. And there are several other post types that could be mapped to the other AS activity verbs.
When I post any eat/drink posts from Teacup, they show up as a note kind instead of the expected eat or drink post kind.