🎬 [Watch] 🎬 Black Panther (2018)

I was disappointed at the the opening sequence when they show Earth millions of years ago and it looks exactly like modern day Earth. After all the money they put in into special effects, they couldn’t get ancient Earth right.
That was my only disappointment in what I felt was the one of the best movies in the MCU

Visiting Wakanda #blackpanther
Big Poppy
Watched on Wednesday February 28, 2018 at  PVR – The Grand Mall Velachery.

Poster by Denys Cowan from AMP

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  1. That is retconning 🙂 We’ll soon have a story saying how Cap got his shield. Possible theory: Stark Sr. stole it :-p or he got hold of it from somewhere. Anyway in Infinity War, Cap gets a new ‘official’ shield from Wakanda and Bucky gets an updated version of Klaus’s hand

  2. Even ten million years ago, the Earth didn’t look that much different. Continents were basically in the same arrangement we see today. Vegetation was about the same. Mainly animals would have been different.


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