Over-hyped is my verdict. The premise of the story seemed excellent but I felt the film went down the path of pandering to mass stardom and also political ambitions. It could’ve been a wonderful outing for Vijay if he had stayed playing the role of a ruthless corporate CEO. Till about a quarter of the movie, it was well executed. Post the legal victory scene, it went downhill for me: predictable song and action sequences and an utter under-utilization of a heroine.
Watched on Friday November 9, 2018.
My rating: ★★½
To take something as funny as a clown 🤡 and make it something to scare the shit out of you is a special talent.
I just told Max a two-minute version of it and I’m hoping it doesn’t scare him…
The last adaptation of a King novel that I had watched (The Dark Tower) was a disappointment.
A decade back, I had read the book and this is what I felt at that time…

Thankfully I never read this when I was a child. A nightmare-inducing tale of growing up in a small town with a resident monster.

To people who had watched Stranger Things first, several scenes would seem familiar. Why they even share an actor!!! But the novel came out first and had inspired Stranger Things television series. Not the other way around.
I’m eager to return to Derry in Chapter 2…
Watched on Saturday July 21, 2018.
My rating: ★★★★
Poster: AMP