๐ŸŽง [Listen] ๐ŸŽง Fantastica, with George R.R. Martin and Kim Stanley Robinson

An interesting discussion by two of my favourite authors on writing and how to tell stories.

Science fiction and fantasy have gone from the sidelines to the mainstream. We bring you a live conversation between two of the fieldโ€™s living legends, George R.R. Martin (โ€œA Song of Ice and Fire,โ€ adapted for television as Game of Thrones, the Wild Card series) and Kim Stanley Robinson (New York 2140, the Mars trilogy), discussing their careers, the history of fantastic literature, and how it shapes our imagination. They came to the Clarke Center in support of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop (clarion.ucsd.edu), the premiere training and proving ground for emerging writers, which the Clarke Center organizes each summer with the Clarion Foundation.