Taking up the locked room challenges #withcolleagues

Location: Freeing India.
Played two escape room challenges:

  • LIVE TO TELL – You are part of secret mission to enter the room of spies whom you suspect are sending our countryโ€™s defense secrets to enemy country. You know these spies have made locks in such a way that only these two spies by working together as a team can open the locker where the defense secret in kept. You enter the spies room and as feared you are locket inside. You have a limited time to recover the defense secrets and escape.
  • THE LOST CHAMBER – In a sunny afternoon, you went to the Youth Cultural Centre located in Nungambakkam. Someone suddenly covered your eyes from the back and you could see nothing but darkness. You gradually lose your consciousness after smelling some strong odorโ€ฆโ€ฆ When you wake up, you find yourself in darkness and handcuffed. Can you make it out on time or you will be doomed.