A Friday movie night out with the family. We watched the Tamil dubbed version.
To me, this is a ★ movie.
Disney seems to be run out of new ideas and its recent live action version of animated versions shows that desperation. The wonder of the animated version is missing or it could that I’m too old now.
Max loved it and so obviously that counts. 🙂 I must show the original movie to him and ask his reaction.

Watched on Saturday July 13, 2019.

It was a good premise and one that we have seen Hollywood crank out several times over the years – parent-child relationships in a broken marriage. Translating it to a Kollywood milieu is the problem. Unrealistic scenarios and unexplained character developments run amok. A ★★ rating in my opinion.

Watched on Friday May 31, 2019 at Luxe Cinemas IMAX.

Max wanted to watch this as soon as I mentioned this movie and since it was releasing on Sofi’s birthday.
I liked the movie and so did Max till he fell asleep just a few minutes before the big final kaiju fight.
As usual, I stuck on for the post credits scene and the tease for the next Kong versus Godzilla showdown was well done in the credits.
Long live the King…
Featured Image Poster: Gabriel Alexandre Meza